Thursday, 27 December 2012

20 Ad Copies for PPC and Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media marketing is just one of the many tasks I do at work. It was one job I really wanted to do because it would be a good addition to my working experience. Well, that is just one reason. Another is that like most of us, I am frenzied to social media and who would not want to get paid by posting status on Facebook, twitter, Google+, linkedin, youtube, etc. However, the law of diminishing returns attacked again and the excitement when I first did this role has, as what the name of this universal law implies, diminished. But my interest in this task does not entirely leave because hey!, who would not want a job that allows you to surf any website, that includes social networking sites, in the office legitimately!

At first, I was giddy because I finally can show my creativity at work. I need to come up with a copy that is not only informative but would catch the reader’s attention. However, there came a time when I felt I have been using the same copy over and over. What I usually add at the end of my post to entice the readers to click on the link typically includes “Learn More”, “Find out more”, Click on the link”, “Know More”, “Read” and a few more others. I can play around these words but basically for me the thought is the same. Even though the role of these phrases is to engage readers to our post, I personally think they would not work on me.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

My Memoirs of September

After a month’s interlude from my last post, I am back to blog about the highlights of my September. I was busy then with everything in life (work, friends, relationship, family) that I had no time to update my cyber blogging world. I really want to keep my September memories (virtually) forever so I’ll be listing down the significant things that happened to me during the past month. This is INPO.

We usually start the month with a blast as our monthsary (instead of anniversary, a monthly celebration of being a couple) lands on every third day of the month.

Our 17th at Swensen's

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Goofing Around IKEA

It was Saturday! And I did not intend spending it inside my room so I went out with my roommate. The plan was to have a fun filled yet inexpensive day and since she recently watched 500 days of Summer, we decided to go to IKEA. In there, we can be sure that we would not shell out a big amount of money as there is no reason for us to buy home furniture. 

There is a shuttle bus from Fair Price Extra in Changi Business Park to Tampines, where the shuttle to IKEA is situated. So for a side trip, we alighted instead at Singapore Expo. One of my leggings mysteriously went missing so we headed to one of the shops at Changi City Point for me to buy a new one. Then I remembered seeing very cheap pairs of boots being sold by Esprit the last I was there so we visited their boutique to see if it is still available. The boots are available in black and brown. I wanted the brown one better but there is no more size that fits me so I bought the black leather boots instead. 

Esprit Boots

Monday, 23 July 2012

10 Free Web Directories

There are many reasons why people blog. Some use it as a medium to express their thoughts while some simply want to make money from blogging. No matter what the reason may be, a blog is nothing if no one is visiting it. You might think that you do not really care if it is only you who are reading your blog because you created it to serve as a journal or a space to save your writings about your passion. Let’s say you are really into cars and you like jotting down your thoughts about it. Haven’t you thought that it is better if you get to share your articles with someone who holds the same passion as yours? If people liked your posts, they will start leaving comments that are related to your topic. You can get to interact with them and they can share information with you about your passion that you used to not know.

Getting a lot of website visitors is especially important to those who want to monetize their blog. Traffic is the main key of search engines in determining a site’s importance. The more readers you have, the more clicks you can get which mean the more profitable your website will be.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

A Taste of Great Singapore Sale

It is finally June! It means a lot of things to people and some of them are not favorable at all! This month marks the end of summer and start of the school year on some Asian countries. However, June has a totally different meaning for people residing in Singapore. Apart from being a school holiday season, June marks the annual country wide cut price store promotions GREAT SINGAPORE SALE!

Though I have no plans yet of visiting any store to look for something to buy, I am already able to take advantage of this event. I was supposed to go to Clarke Quay with my boyfriend and meet up with his girl pals whom are now my friends as well. They want to experience the thrifty way of hanging out there which is to buy drinks in 7-11 and simply sit beside the river. They told us their plan of going first to Cotton On located in Suntec City before meeting up with us for the store is on sale. To cut the story short, we ended up shopping for clothes and spending the night at the nearest Café.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Top Search Results

I am currently working as a content writer and my job involves constant researching about various topics. Like what most people do, I typically use the internet to log-on to social networking sites. I do not usually search the internet to get information about certain topics. The subjects of the article I am composing are mostly technical. Some of them are even words that I never heard of before. Because of this, I have no choice but to start using the power of the internet in a more useful but bore some way. I search for definitions and use every basic keyword that can be added to my subject so I can get enough information needed to back-up my article. I have been doing this for sometime now which made become aware of what websites frequently show on top of Google searches.

I search for the meaning of a word by attaching the word “definition” at the end of my keyword. For example, if my keyword is “cats” I would type in “cats definition”. Below is the list of 10 websites that commonly appear on top of Google search results that provide definition.

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