Saturday, 9 June 2012

A Taste of Great Singapore Sale

It is finally June! It means a lot of things to people and some of them are not favorable at all! This month marks the end of summer and start of the school year on some Asian countries. However, June has a totally different meaning for people residing in Singapore. Apart from being a school holiday season, June marks the annual country wide cut price store promotions GREAT SINGAPORE SALE!

Though I have no plans yet of visiting any store to look for something to buy, I am already able to take advantage of this event. I was supposed to go to Clarke Quay with my boyfriend and meet up with his girl pals whom are now my friends as well. They want to experience the thrifty way of hanging out there which is to buy drinks in 7-11 and simply sit beside the river. They told us their plan of going first to Cotton On located in Suntec City before meeting up with us for the store is on sale. To cut the story short, we ended up shopping for clothes and spending the night at the nearest Café.

Like most clothing brands, the dresses on Cotton On are mass produced as there are a lot of clothes on display with the same design. I went to a section of hanged dresses which was marked 15sgd. I checked the dresses and found one that got my interest. The advantage of buying sale items on boutiques from a warehouse is that the former allows fitting of clothes. So I went to the fitting room, tried the dress on and voila! A new addition to my closet! It was very timely as I needed to attend a wedding reception that coming Saturday.

Animal Print Tail Dress 
(My colleagues pretty wife in blue. She doesn't know I'll be posting this pic here so might as well not mention her name)

I also bought 2 pairs of leggings for 20sgd, a gray blazer that costs 10sgd and a tail skirt for 15sgd. For those who are wondering if the sale is still on, the answer is yes and it would probably last until the end of June. Happy shopping!

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