Sunday, 26 August 2012

Goofing Around IKEA

It was Saturday! And I did not intend spending it inside my room so I went out with my roommate. The plan was to have a fun filled yet inexpensive day and since she recently watched 500 days of Summer, we decided to go to IKEA. In there, we can be sure that we would not shell out a big amount of money as there is no reason for us to buy home furniture. 

There is a shuttle bus from Fair Price Extra in Changi Business Park to Tampines, where the shuttle to IKEA is situated. So for a side trip, we alighted instead at Singapore Expo. One of my leggings mysteriously went missing so we headed to one of the shops at Changi City Point for me to buy a new one. Then I remembered seeing very cheap pairs of boots being sold by Esprit the last I was there so we visited their boutique to see if it is still available. The boots are available in black and brown. I wanted the brown one better but there is no more size that fits me so I bought the black leather boots instead. 

Esprit Boots
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