Thursday, 27 December 2012

20 Ad Copies for PPC and Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media marketing is just one of the many tasks I do at work. It was one job I really wanted to do because it would be a good addition to my working experience. Well, that is just one reason. Another is that like most of us, I am frenzied to social media and who would not want to get paid by posting status on Facebook, twitter, Google+, linkedin, youtube, etc. However, the law of diminishing returns attacked again and the excitement when I first did this role has, as what the name of this universal law implies, diminished. But my interest in this task does not entirely leave because hey!, who would not want a job that allows you to surf any website, that includes social networking sites, in the office legitimately!

At first, I was giddy because I finally can show my creativity at work. I need to come up with a copy that is not only informative but would catch the reader’s attention. However, there came a time when I felt I have been using the same copy over and over. What I usually add at the end of my post to entice the readers to click on the link typically includes “Learn More”, “Find out more”, Click on the link”, “Know More”, “Read” and a few more others. I can play around these words but basically for me the thought is the same. Even though the role of these phrases is to engage readers to our post, I personally think they would not work on me.

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