Thursday, 7 February 2013

A Peek to La Mer Singapore

Last Friday, I got a chance to be part of La Mer Workshop in Singapore. The purpose of this event is to introduce their products and showcase the Grand Opening of La Mer Cabin at SEVIIN, Tangs. SEVIIN is located at the 7th floor of Tangs which said used to be the mall's warehouse. The place was renovated to accommodate the Cabins of various top quality Skin Care brands which include La Mer's and has just been recently opened to the public last 23 January.. I had a hard time finding the place since I am only familiar with the first 4 floors because they are where the shops can be found and some of the mall's staffs I asked for direction are not aware what's in the 7th floor and how to get there. Luckily, I saw a security officer who knows the way and accompanied me to the lift that can bring me to where I was heading to. As soon as I stepped out of the lift, a receptionist approached me to attend to my concerns and led me to the nearby lounge where all the people involved in the La Mer Workshop are staying. One of the workshop organizers introduced herself to me and offered me a drink. They have a lot of food and drinks to offer but I settled on having a drink first and chose wine. Yes, they were offering WINE!

While I was in the lounge waiting for La Mer product presentation to begin, the organizer (sorry I forgot her name) entertained us, the participants, by telling us a brief history of Tangs. She said that Tang Choon Keng, Tang’s founder, patterned the roof of Tangs to a Pagoda. She also pointed to us a box which she said used to be what Tang brings with him when he was still a door to door merchant. You can find out more about the history of Tangs here.

Going back to the event, we were asked to go to a room located at a higher floor where the presentation was going to be held. We were given more wine and, yes, I had another glass. Little did I know that the wine was being offered for it plays a significant role with the presentation. I learned that the wine we were drinking is called Cloudy Bay and wines are produced through fermentation. This is mainly the connection between wine and La Mer as both undergo this process during their production. What got my attention was when we were asked about the difference between Champagne and a sparkling wine. I did not know that they are technically the same except that a sparkling wine can only be called Champagne if the grapes used in the wine’s production are grown in the Champagne region of France. Now, I wonder what’s so special with those grapes that made the wine made out of them distinct from other sparkling wine. Ok so enough about the wine.

Finally, the La Mer presentation started. We watched a video of how seaweeds, one and probably the most important of their products ingredients, are harvested. We were told that they only conduct one extensive harvesting every year and they preserve the seaweeds in a sophisticated way to keep them fresh until they are used.

The story of La Mer’s discovery was also stated. It was due to an accident that occurred to Dr. Max Huber, a NASA scientist. There had been an error on one of his projects which resulted to an explosion that affected his face and hands. For 12 years he persistently tried to develop a product that could eliminate his scars until about 6,000th experiment that he finally came up with the miracle cream that is now known as Crème de la Mer. You can familiarize yourself more with the different La Mer products on their website.

After the presentation, we went to the La Mer Facial Cabin. Their treatments, of course, only use La Mer creams. I wasn’t able to get a hold of the price list but what I know is that Tangs members can enjoy facial treatment discounts. I took a few photos of the Cabin.

Before I went back to the presentation room, I had my picture taken with Charese, one of the founders of and a good friend of mine, at the entrance of the La Mer Cabin.

Back in the room, I had more pictures taken and this time with the two founders of and La Mer managers and executives! Too bad it wasn’t my phone that was used to take the photos so I can upload them here.

La Mer paper bags were handed over to the participants as a gift. I received La Creme Pour le  Corps, the body creme, and Le Soin Pour les Mains, the hand treatment. I hope we were given a Creme de la Mer instead, their popular facial cream, and see how effective it is.

After the workshop, we did not leave right away. We stayed for a little while and had some of the luscious pastries.

I really had a great time on La Mer Skincare Workshop and hope to get a chance to be invited again! I already started using their cream and can't wait to see its effects on my skin. I am planning to write a review on La Mer products so watch out for my next post!

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