Monday, 25 March 2013

Mini Star Wars Exhibition - Singapore

If you are following this blog, I’m sure you wouldn't miss (from my very few posts on this website), that there is something special that I celebrate every start of the month - the day when my partner and I have been together. For non-romantic netizens, I don't want to push you away from this page so I promise that would be the last cheesy thing you would read on this post. :D

To celebrate our 23rd monthsary, last 3rd of March my boyfriend and I went to Singapore Philatelic Museum to see the massive display of anything Star Wars at Light vs Dark Exhibition: Stamps and Collectibles. We found out that there are also other "mini" exhibitions being held there which one can also visit as they are included on what you will pay for to see the Star Wars Exhibition. The rates were $5 for Singaporeans and $6 for foreigners. However, we were asked to pay $5 may be because we arrived very late. Someone we know told us that we only need 30 minutes to see everything on display on the Star Wars exhibition so we didn’t hurry to get there early and arrived at 6:30pm. Our friend was right as the exhibition was contained in a small area where you’ll be able to see everything on display at a glance. I think we were able to take all the pictures we wanted in less than 30 mins.
Bird's Eye View. Taken from the museum's second level.

No true Star Wars fan wouldn't know them.
From left: Life-size Emperor's Royal Guard, R2-D2 and Darth Vader
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